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About me

I started using Coda in early 2020, having previously used Airtable. My decision to switch to Coda was driven by its ability to blend numbers and text seamlessly, making it an ideal tool for writing business cases. Over time, I became a Coda consultant, not only for my expertise in the tool but also for my ability to solve problems quickly. Solving problems requires foremost the ability to make an inventory of the issues and that requires listening. That is how we start.
My main job is listening, asking questions and a bit of building Coda docs.


Coda is a powerful tool with a wide range of applications, but it can be challenging to understand, especially for those without a coding background. I strive to make it more accessible by demonstrating patterns and providing examples that can be applied without a deep understanding of the underlying logic.
You can for example use thisTable.Find(thisRow) and be happy with the outcome without understanding how the function Find() operates in this context. This is true for many formulas. That is okay and nothing to be ashamed of. When the outcome is okay, it is all good.

Indirect limitations

Coda has some limitations in areas like printing and permissions. While it is difficult to print a Coda document as a PDF, and permissions can be misleading, these limitations are outweighed by the tool's many benefits.
The recent announcement of the collaboration with (April 10, 2024) will upgrade the Coda capabilities. Packs and certainly internal packs to sync data into Coda will become more important.

How it started

I wrote over 250 blogs on Coda-related topics to improve my understanding of the tool and to create a record of the methods and approaches I developed. While my approach remains niche, I aim to show patterns and stay within the regular Coda boundaries. Do not expect magic or tricks or hacks, that is not my style.

Videos on how to Coda

I plan to transform some of my blogs into videos, focusing on solving various problems using basic insights. I will also create videos on Coda fundamentals and share my personal opinions on the tool. In my videos I will explain good practices on how to Coda. Skipping or ignoring that part for the sake of “ease” is a false economy.

Discussions with other Curious Makers

I will invite other Coda users to discuss their experiences and insights, providing a more in-depth exploration of specific Coda themes. These discussions will help put Coda in perspective and showcase its versatility.

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